What is this all about?

War of the Cute is an image sharing community with some game-like elements. You can upload images to the website, which can then be written on using our image-captioning tool. The primary topic is cute animal pictures, but other things that are cute are more than welcome! Please see the community guidelines if you have any concerns about what you want to contribute.

Duels - The Game Element of War of the Cute

As you browse through what other people have created, if you think you have a better idea, you can challenge the creator to a duel. Simply click the "duel" link next to the image and write your own idea on the image. Other people using the website will judge whether or not your idea is better. You can find out more on the duels help page

Earning Points

As you contribute to the War of the Cute community, you will accumulate points. Some example actions that earn points are uploading pictures, captioning images, or winning challenges. A full list of actions and their point rewards is available here. As you earn more points, your vote becomes more influentual when judging images.


To help people find good pictures, many image-related websites use rating systems, such as 5-star or 1 to 10 scale. War of the Cute works a bit differently. You directly control what becomes popular by rating new images against each other. Judges are shown 2 to 3 images, of which you simply select your favorite. Judging of challenges between users is done in the same manner. Learn more about judging.